How it started

Set within the Hundred Years War in medieval France, this story involves the colour and pageantry of the knight in armour, now at its apogee.  It is a time when the Arthurian saga is much-admired and even simulated by those able so to do.

But while there may be transient pleasures for some there is much misery for others as the whole country is overrun by armed bands and anarchy reigns.

With France in dire straights the arrival of Joan of Arc is crucial and her capture of Orléans from the besieging English and their allies changes the course of history and saves her country.

In the midst of all this, a French knight, one Geoffroi de Charny, has in his care the Holy Shroud, the cloth in which Christ was believed to have been wrapped by Joseph of Arimathea after the Crucifixion.

Throughout the dangerous days of the Hundred Years War, De Charny and his family successfully protect their unique charge.

However, another story is emerging, throwing light on the authenticity of the Holy Shroud.  It is this unique and most unusual sequence of events that is portrayed here.